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At the heart of N2UFP is the ongoing exchange between the Fellow and mentor to develop a sense of what a career in students affairs and higher education might be like. Mentors serve a critical role in executing the goals and objectives of N2UFP by engaging Fellows in mentoring and networking experiences, providing Fellows with knowledge, insight, and understanding of the professional opportunities available in student affairs and higher education, and creating experiences that the Fellows would otherwise not have.

Current Mentors

Thank you for continuous involvement with N2UFP! We greatly appreciate all that you do for the program and especially the students. In case you need additional resources or guidance for your mentorship role, please see Resources for Mentors located under the mentor tab on the navigation bar. If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the support staff for the program.

Future Mentors

Interested in becoming a Mentor, but not sure what it entails? Please read below or visit the NASPA website to find out more about the mentor role. Fellows and Mentors should meet in a formal advising session at least once a month. One of the first tasks for the two to accomplish is the development of goals for the year, as well as expectations for one another. How often will meetings occur? Are there publications or books that you would like to read and discuss? Is there a particular project to accomplish? Alone? Together? Put the answers to these questions in writing so that there is clarity about the direction for the year. Then, get started. If you are interested in being a mentor, or have any questions, please contact Erin Sylvester.