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Application Process and Guidelines

Applications for the 2020 – 2021 cohort of the Torchbearer 100 are closed.

Candidate Recommendation

FSU faculty and staff members are invited to submit a recommendation for a student’s candidacy for the Torchbearer 100. Please note that faculty and staff members may first offer their recommendation or submit upon request of a student. If by student request, the student is responsible for making their request in a timely fashion and supporting the recommendation process as necessary.

Faculty and staff members are welcome to recommend multiple students. Recommendations received from undergraduate student staff will not be considered in the selection process.

Recommendations include a 200-400 word case for the candidate’s alignment with the Torchbearer 100 based on their personal development, investment in the university, and promise to well-represent Florida State beyond their time here.

A downloadable sample of the recommendation form may be found here.

The Student Application

This is student's opportunity to tell the story of their legacy of leadership on campus. Applicants will move through five questions that will prompt reflection on their personal development; the impact they have made throughout their time as a student thus far; draw connections between their experiences at FSU to how they hope to make a positive impact beyond campus; and how they envision continuing their relationship with Florida State after graduation.

A downloadable sample of the Student Application form may be found here.


Applications are open and will be accepted through Friday, January 15. At this point, the Student Application and the supplemental Candidate Recommendation from a faculty or staff person should both be submit for review.

Packets will then be passed to the selection committee for review. This group is comprised of representatives of the Division of Student Affairs, the Division of Academic Affairs, University Athletics, University Relations and the Alumni Association. The committee will review and rank each nomination packet carefully against program criteria reflecting the essence of the Torchbearer 100. The 100 highest scoring candidates who have met program requirements will make up our next class of the Torchbearer 100.

The Torchbearer 100 will be announced early March. On Thursday, March 25 we will celebrate this year's cohort at the Legacy Soirée. All candidates should hold the evening of March 25 in anticipation of attending.