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Personal Development

Wellness in Times of Uncertainty Registration Required

Presented by: Lauren T. Ormsbee, M.S., ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist, ACE Health Certified Coach, CHWC Wellcoach

This session will help higher education staff understand how to manage their wellness during a time of uncertainty. Lauren will discuss general self-care, strategies for remote, hybrid, and on-site work, and local and online resources related to exercise, health and fitness.

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Leadership Chat with Dr. Kathy Guthrie

Join Kathy for these brief professional development sessions and learn from some leading leadership scholars and practitioners.

Dr. Susan Komives, Professor Emerita from University of Maryland, College Park, also a two-time alumnus of FSU (1964-1968 (BS) and 1968-1969 (MS) with join Dr. Kathy Guthrie to talk about how her experiences at FSU and how it influenced her passion for Leadership Development. Dr. Komives is a leader scholar in leadership education.

Dr. Ralph Gigliotti, Director of the Center for Organizational Leadership at Rutgers University, will be joining Dr. Kathy Guthrie to discuss Crisis Leadership. His new book, Crisis Leadership in Higher Education: Theory and Practice, presents a theory-informed framework that is especially relevant during this time.

Zoom Recording

Leading Online: The Power of Storytelling
The Leading Online series features campus leaders who, even before COVID-19, have embraced social media and a variety of other digital communication tools. This week learn from a panel of Vice Presidents for Student Affairs who have successfully built relationships with their community by leading online.

Webinar Recording

Difference between Leadership and Management

Often leadership and management are used interchangeably, but they are different concepts. Listen to this short 8 minute mini-lecture that explores the differences between leadership and management and why we need both in an organization.

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Defining Leadership

This 12-minute mini-lecture will hopefully get you thinking about what leadership is and how you personally define it. A quick overview that will hopefully lead you to think about how you engage in the process of leadership.

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Academic Advising 101 Training Certificate Program

Academic Advising 101 provides participants the requisite skills, policies, theories, and introductions to various advising systems that are essential supporting students. The program is designed with the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) advisor core competencies in mind: conceptual, informational, and relational. All content reflects specific policies and practices currently utilized by Florida State University, along with attention given to the various student populations, resources, and offices that help make up the university.

The certificate is comprised of one fully online course that is divided up into 10 modules, 8 of which contain quizzes designed to test your comprehension of the material. To earn credit for completion of this certificate, you must score a minimum of 80% on each quiz. If a the minimum score is not achieved, the you will have three attempts to retest.

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How to Build Trust with Remote Employees

Employees want more control over when and where they work. More than half of employees (53%) say a role that allows them to have greater work-life balance is "very important" to them. A similar percentage of employees (51%) say they would change jobs to have one that offered them flextime.

Today's employees want flexibility to work remotely when they choose, or they are already working remotely because they can do their jobs anywhere.

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Class Central

Love to learn? Discover thousands of FREE online courses and MOOCs from top universities and companies on Class Central.

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Kognito is an online simulation for faculty and staff that builds awareness, knowledge, and skills about mental health and suicide prevention to help start the conversation and connect with campus support.

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The Politics of Crisis Management

Behind-the-Pages interview with Paul 't Hart on his award-winning book The Politics of Crisis Management: Public Leadership Under Pressure. The book examines how leaders deal with the strategic challenges they face, the political risks and opportunities they encounter, the errors they make, the pitfalls they need to avoid, and the paths away from crisis they may pursue. Bonus for ILA Members! Log in and Download Chapter 1, "Crisis Management in Political Systems: Five Leadership Challenges".

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The Corner Office by Laura Vanderkam Podcast

In this era of social distancing, many people are working from home for the first time. Jobs in general are becoming more flexible in terms of hours and location. In The New Corner Office podcast, host Laura Vanderkam shares strategies for thriving in this new and more self-directed world of work. Each episode — released each weekday morning — features a quick tip or an answer to a listener question. The goal is to help listeners succeed in the modern workplace, where ideas matter more than ever, but shoes might be optional.

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Green Dot Overview

Request a Green Dot Overview Speech

A Green Dot Overview Speech is an opportunity for your department to learn about Green Dot and how individuals can engage in culture change through prevention. The Overview can be 30 minutes or 60 minutes. We ask that all requests be made two weeks in advance. A member of the Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness will contact you shortly after your request has been received.

To schedule an overview, email